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Privacy Policy & Legal notices

Terms of Use- Privacy Policy and Legal notices

T hank you for visiting our Internet portal. By accessing the information on the pages of our Website, you are accepting the following conditions. So before you use our portal or transfer any personal data, we ask that you note the following information. Wheelchairs of Hope assume no liability nor give any warranty that the information is complete, correct or up-to-date and has the right to change or correct the information and offers at any time.

Freedom from obligation of the accessible information and exclusion of liability

T he information accessible on the pages of this Website does not, unless expressly stated otherwise, constitute a firm offer to conclude a contract. Should the pages of this Website contain any specific offers, these are subject to Israeli Law. Mandatory, applicable provisions from other countries, to which the accessible information is passed, are reserved.

The information and data on the pages of the Wheelchairs of Hope pro Website constitute neither a specific nor an implied warranty or guarantee. Neither and in particular do they constitute an implied commitment or guarantee with regard to the quality, suitability or intended purpose of the products listed or pictured on the pages of this Website.

Wheelchairs of Hope deny all liability for manipulation of the Internet user's computer system by third parties. To combat viruses, it is advisable to use current browser versions and to install continually updated anti-virus software. E-mails of unknown or obviously deceptive origin and unexpected attachments to an e-mail must never be opened.

Wheelchairs of Hope Website pages can also contain links to third party websites. Wheelchairs of Hope is neither responsible nor liable for their content, nor for the products and/or offers shown or provided on these website pages, nor for compliance with the data protection regulations applicable to these website pages.

Unsolicited mail

B ecause of the vast amount of ideas, comments and other unsolicited information we receive, it is not possible to reply to every communication. As long as nothing comes from these submissions, it will be assumed that these recommendations are not legally protected under any immaterial property rights, particularly patent rights, copyright, industrial design, utility or ornamental design rights. Should this not be the case, we expect the sender to submit the official application and registration certificates immediately. The unsolicited submission of ideas, comments and other information does not put Wheelchairs of Hope under any obligation to maintain secrecy; neither will the results of the originator’s own work be regarded as confidential or proprietary. Wheelchairs of Hope or companies allied to Wheelchairs of Hope have complete freedom of use, enjoyment, exploitation, modification or development and at no time will they be deemed accountable in this respect. Submissions of this type will not result in a contractual relationship that is an order, a contract for work, a license agreement, a joint venture, cooperation or any other kind of agreement.

Wheelchairs of Hope
60 Ben gurion Street
Kfar Sava – 4420411

Data protection and privacy

S hould you be required to enter personal data when visiting our Website, this is done in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Laws. By accessing our Website or by opening our electronic messages, you are giving your consent to your personal data being used for purposes of technical website administration, for customer management and for public surveys, the latter of which may also involve passing it on to third parties. Wheelchairs of Hope may, in any case, pass on non-personal data (aggregate data) to third parties.

The rights of use you grant to Wheelchairs of Hope by visiting this Website extend firstly to the data which you yourself make known when registering for products (such as your name, address and areas of interest) and secondly to the data stored during technical procedures (such as IP addresses). In addition to this, Wheelchairs of Hope is also entitled to use the personal data which you make known when entering competitions, or taking part in forums or chatting or when ordering products.

Some of the pages on our Website make use of so-called cookies, to allow certain procedures, navigations, services and transactions to take place. If you do not want to allow cookies to be stored on your computer, select “do not accept cookies” in your browser settings (for details of these settings, please read the instructions provided by your browser manufacturer). If you make a setting that does not accept cookies, this may result in restrictions to the functions available to you when you access our Website.

None of the information, picture, schemes, product description can be reproduced, transferred or replicated by any mean and you acknowledge that the products presented are protected by several international patent applications and any infringement of the above will be dully penalized by laws in the different countries.

If you have any questions concerning the use of your personal data or regarding the other underlying legal conditions of our presence on the web, please contact us via e-mail.

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